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Brother & Gent

Established in 2015 by Dan Gardner, Brother & Gent is an Independent, home-grown UK Clothing & Accessories brand, offering original design products. Brother & Gent strive to express its passion, inspiration and personality through it's merchandise, whilst giving the greatest attention to detail. It is Brother & Gent's ambition to simply create quality, original design products that hold real meaning and make you feel & look your best. The products range from gentleman's accessories, to urban wear such as tees, hoodies & hats. Brother & Gent's most recent creation is BoxClub100, which is essentially a limited run of 100 uniquely curated boxes, each containing 5 different men's accessory products from previous Brother & Gent collections - such as ties, wallets, pocket squares, and much, much more. Each box also includes a Limited Edition print by Dan Gardner.

"We don't need a lot in life, so I believe that the possessions we do own should have some meaning behind them! I hope my work can provide something with sentimental value for people."  - Dan Gardner

@brotherandgent | For The Distinguished

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