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Dan Gardner

finding a feeling

Hi, I'm Dan

I am a photographer & writer based in the UK.

For as long as I can remember making photographs & writing poetry has been how I best articulate thoughts, feelings and ideas of my own, in a unique and fulfilling way. It's the only way I know how to express and communicate my conscious experience.

Through my work I wish to preserve and give significance to the ordinary. To find a feeling, capture life in all it's countless complexities, and tell real stories. I'd like to give a voice to the obscure and document the passing of time in an honest, heartfelt and meaningful way. In essence, to speak the true insignificant beauty of LIFE.

I also manage the MakingPhotosMag social media platform for the photography community - sharing interviews, projects and inspiring works from photographers all over the world.



Recent Work:

May 2021 - release of debut zine "Walking Wainscott"

September 2021 - launch of first print collection

January 2022 - release of "High Street Happenings" zine

February 2022 - mini "HSH" exhibition at Medway Art Box, Rochester

August 2023 - release of "Once Upon A Time In Medway" zine

October - December 2023 - solo Exhibition at Medway Archives Centre

June 2024 - launch of MakingPhotosMag 

July 2024 - Medway Open Studios (Exhibition Display / Print Sale)



"to observe this life is a beautiful thing.. to pick out a moment passing us by and make something meaningful, something true - a photograph we can feel on into the future.. that is quite a special thing"


Dan Gardner
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