Dan Gardner

Finding A Feeling

From candid captures on the streets, to distant & diverse landscapes, to simply documenting everyday life as he sees it - making photographs has become Dan's primary form of communicating and telling stories.

Through his work, Dan endeavours to preserve and give significance to the unseen & the ordinary. To find a feeling and capture small parts of a story, leaving room for thought & interpretation. Giving a voice to the obscure and documenting the fleeting moments of time in an honest, heartfelt and meaningful way.

Based in Medway, UK.


Recent Work:

May 2021 - release of debut zine "Walking Wainscott"

September 2021 - launch of first print collection

January 2022 - release of "High Street Happenings" publication

February 2022 - mini "HSH" exhibition at Medway Art Box, Rochester

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Dan Gardner 
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Dan Gardner

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