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Dan's Diary

Welcome to Dan's Diary.

Here I plan to write down my thoughts on photography, and give further insight to the work I create.

In some small ways I hope it also enables people to get to know me and my work on a more personal level. I will be sharing my photo projects & other creative work, as well as the experiences I have whilst on this artistic journey.

I'll do my best to make the Diary an interesting place to come...

For me photography is about expression, preservation and storytelling; it's about finding a feeling, and capturing that in your own individual way, leaving an image to evoke an emotion and pass on something to the viewer.

I initially became passionate about photography through my love of documenting the ordinary moments and scenes in day to day life. This passion then extended further as my love for travel and discovery grew and I explored in more depth what making photographs really meant to me personally. Over time the act of photography has developed into what I consider an art form; a way to express, preserve and articulate the thoughts, feelings and ideas of my own, in a unique and fulfilling way.

In everyday life I always try my best to just slow down and mindfully observe all that I see and experience. Whilst in that calm and focused state of mind I can better attempt to find & capture the feeling, expressing through those photographs, the atmosphere, emotions and true essence of a moment - that will never again repeat itself.

"From candid captures on the streets, to distant & diverse landscapes, to simply documenting everyday life as I see it - making photographs has become my primary form of communicating and telling stories.

Through my work I endeavour to preserve and give significance to the unseen & the ordinary. To find a feeling and capture small parts of a story, leaving room for thought & interpretation. Giving a voice to the obscure and documenting the fleeting moments of time in an honest, heartfelt and meaningful way."


As an extension of my social media, I look forward to communicating my work through this diary, as a more in-depth form of sharing work online. I will try to keep it updated with new "entries" and interesting content as regularly as I can.

Thank you for being here. I hope you enjoy the Diary!

- Dan Gardner


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