Submission (3)

For a number of years I have walked from my home in Wainscott, over a footbridge and into the quaint village of Upnor. Over time this place has grown to mean more to me, as I have slowly observed it's beautiful imperfections, it's rich history and it's strong community. Upnor never fails to give me a sense of calm, a sense of familiarity and of satisfaction. As a young adult I would sometimes come to Upnor with my friends and we'd make fires on it's muddy beach with a few beers. Maybe it's those nostalgic memories that now enhance my feelings toward this village, or maybe it's to do with my regular walks to this area over the last 12 months, during a time of great uncertainty. All I know is that the charming scenes and peaceful atmosphere of Upnor give me a reassuring smile. From it's country lanes and woodlands, to the riverbank beach and boatyard, through it's tidy residential roads, to it's old pubs on cobble-stone streets that lead down to the castle. I hope this place never changes, but as so many places in Medway do, I fear it is only a matter of time.

- Working Titles for this series: "Over To Upnor" / "Village Vibe" / "Upon The Bank" -