Submission (2)

I grew up in Strood, a small town in Medway, Kent. As a kid I was never too fond of the area to be honest, I didn't feel much of an attachment toward it. I moved out of Strood nearly 12 years ago, and it is only recently that I have really started to feel something for the town I grew up in. So in July 2020, I decided to drive to Strood and spend the day walking around the streets that I spent so much time in my younger years.
The power of memory provided an abundance of nostalgic emotions toward the area. One's I never really knew I had, until I was there again re-living it all within my mind. Places like the brick wall outside my old house, that my brothers and I would play football against. The hill by Cuxton road that we'd throw water-bombs at cars from. The alley we'd run up after playing knock down ginger. The railway bridge we'd dare one another to walk over at night. The park we'd meet our friends at and spend most Friday nights. The cinema & McDonalds down by the river that we'd go. The offy we'd get beers from, in our later teens. It's just an ordinary town. But this place really means something to me.
As I wandered around the streets surrounding my old road, I wanted to capture scenes that explored and illustrated the relationship I had with them. Whether that was sad, sentimental or some form of joy. Whilst making these photographers I tried to recall and savour the memories that were made here, and attempt to represent the place they hold in my heart.

- Working Titles for this series: "Streets Of Nostalgia" / "Where I Grew Up" / "I Remember When" -