To better explain and express the meaning or purpose behind my work - on this page I will introduce each project I start. I hope this information will provide an insight to my photography and thus allow people to become closer to my work.

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to document the unknown lives, unique movements and authentic scenes that the streets provide. to capture snippets of stories, emotions and moments that give an honest, unfiltered reflection of "the streets" in various locations, cultures & periods of time.

// september 2019 - ongoing //

if we could fly

inspired by my dream of being able to fly - this project attempts to show the world from a higher perspective, that is from above. capturing the incredible beauty of this planet, one location at a time, showing just how small, yet powerful we all are. study these scenes taken from the sky and imagine the feeling, if we could fly.

// july 2019 - ongoing //

52 weeks on film

a project to loosely document the 30th year of my life by taking one photo [on film] each week for a year. a single photo - whether it is something significant, consistent, or completely random. whether it is a joyous, sad or spontaneous moment captured. to give an honest reflection of life's moments in pictures. unfiltered and real.

// february 2020 - february 2021 //

a documentary of lois

probably my favourite subject to photograph, is my wife. although she doesn't always like me to, i love to capture her in every light, emotion, smile and thought she has. aside from the inspiration and enjoyment i get from taking photos of her, i hope this ongoing project can show the true character, emotion and heart of a beautiful human being.

// july 2010 - ongoing //

stories on the streets of..

where i grew up

the purpose of this photo project was to capture scenes - some nostalgic, some sad or sentimental - in the neighbourhood i grew up in. it was to capture and re-live the memories made in the places i spent a lot of time in as a child and as a teenager. representing with these images the place they hold in my heart, as best i can.

// july 2020 //


a photo project documenting life during the covid-19 pandemic. a collection of images made from march 2020 to describe and illustrate the thoughts and emotions experienced, the struggles we faced, the changes made and the new way of life we were forced to adapt to. my aim was to not only document significant scenes that indicated the unprecedented time in which we were living, but also to capture moments that represented a deeper meaning to how we were all feeling inside at times.

// march 2020 - unfinished //