• Dan Gardner

Walking Wainscott - Debut Photo-zine

I’ve lived in Medway, in the South East of England, all my life. Up until the age of 19 I lived in Strood, then spent 4 years in Hoo, and the last 7 years in Wainscott, with my wife. Around the beginning of 2018, I started getting up at 6am every day, and going for short walks around my village. I found it to be a calm, quiet and peaceful start to the day, which was something I needed at that time.

Most often I’d take my camera with me too, and I began making photos of the area as I wandered about. Over time, I started to feel a real closeness to this little village in Medway, that I called home. These ‘photo walks’ became a tranquil routine for me, without expectation and without pressure of time.

Soon I became quite obsessed with documenting Wainscott, walking it’s streets day and night, whilst mindfully observing the environment, capturing scenes and collecting small parts of a story. The more I did this, the more I felt the need to preserve and give significance to this somewhat ordinary place, through my photography. For I believe there is much beauty to be found in the ordinary.

As I built this body of work, I knew I would one day like to turn it into something physical. So early this year I decided I'd turn it into a limited edition photo-zine, which would also be my first self-published work.

Selecting the final images for the publication was difficult, but I couldn't be happier with how all the images have come together and how the final printed zine looks and feels!

My WALKING WAINSCOTT photo-zine is now available for purchase in the SHOP.

210mm x 210mm

Perfect bound

50 pages cover to cover

170 gsm uncoated paper

250 gsm covers with matt laminate

The zine features 62 colour images

Printed in the UK

WALKING WAINSCOTT is a limited edition photo-zine, with just 50 (first edition) copies printed. Each zine is hand numbered and comes with a free 6 x 4 gloss postcard print from the W/W series.

Click HERE to purchase the WALKING WAINSCOTT photo-zine today.

- Dan