• Dan Gardner

The Diary

Hi everybody, welcome to 'The Diary' or Blog, written by me, Dan.

This is where I plan to document life in photography, share stories from travels and talk about my projects & creative work. I aim to make The Diary an interesting place to come...

I hope it also enables people to get to know me and my work on a more personal level. I will be sharing new photo projects & creative work I take on as an Artist, as well as my thoughts on photography, daily living / work life & the experiences I have.

For me photography is about storytelling; it's about capturing a feeling, an experience, a moment in time. I initially became passionate about photography through my love of documenting little moments in life. That passion was then ignited further as my love for travel and discovery grew and I explored what making photographs really meant to me. Over time the act of photography has developed into an art form, a way to express thoughts and feelings - of my own, or of others - in a beautiful and unique way.

In everyday life I always try my best to just slow down and mindfully observe all that I see and experience. Whilst in that calm and focused state of mind I can better attempt to capture the feeling, and express through a photograph, the atmosphere, emotions and true essence of a moment - that will never again repeat itself.

Through my creative work I endeavour to take you with me on a journey and tell real stories of people, places and moments with my photographs - as insignificant as that may be.

I enjoy sharing my work with everyone that I can, so feel free to connect with me on social media platforms.

@byDanGardner - is my main account where I share creative projects and my favourite work

@StreetbyDG - is the account I use to share my street & documentary work

@ExploreDiscoverInspire - is where my wife and I share our travel & nature photography

I will try and keep The Diary updated with new projects and creative work as regularly as I can.

Hope you enjoy it!

- Dan Gardner