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Project #6 - A Dream I Had Tomorrow

"A Dream I Had Tomorrow" is an expressive photographic diary, documenting a series of significant time periods, where my mental health entered into an inevitable crossroads, as I searched for a way forward, battling the recurring struggles of my mind. Where chaotic conscious thought met a quiet subconscious flow of photographing whatever seemed to provoke me, pull me in, or make some sense to me in that moment. The photographs represent a frail feeling of existence, frames frozen the way I saw and felt them, without explanation. Although seemingly disconnected and without purpose, these photographs ushered me towards a safer space, somewhere I could begin to work out a way forwards; where discipline, strength and focus would align. This is the truth of a brutal internal battle to become what I want to be, not what I presently am. A dream of a better man.. a dream that has always seemed to be the reality of tomorrow, but never today. Each photograph in this essay is a symbolisation of a progressive journey, tracks and traces of my subconscious state, tangled in among the intentional and unintentional action of finding feelings, within dark and desperate thought. A complex reflection of who I am (or was), what I am trying to change, and what I am trying to endure.


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