• Dan Gardner


From a very young age I enjoyed writing poetry. And the older I got the more often I would write. It became a way of me expressing things that were difficult to show or explain in any other way. The poetry I wrote was purely for myself, for my own mind. I never shared it with anyone.

The first person I was brave enough to share it with, was Lois back in 2010. She gave me positive feedback thank goodness, which made me feel like maybe it's worth sharing to a wider audience one day. For the next 10 years I continued to keep 99% of my poetry to myself, but over the last few months I've started to share some more of it on @bydangardner and the positive comments I've received back have given me a lot more confidence to continue sharing it.

Poetry is something I'll always do whether I share it with others or not, but it feels good to put something out there that comes from an honest and heartfelt place, and possibly inspire or touch someone by doing so.

Over the last 5 years especially, alongside my love of poetry, I've also become more and more interested and passionate about photography. I found this to be another way to express an experience, thought or feeling. Over these years I've felt the beautiful way in which photography can evoke emotions and sometimes express something that words simply cannot.

Although I initially became passionate about photography through my love of travel and discovery, that passion has developed in recent years, into a more personal form of storytelling and expression. During some of my personal projects in recent times, I have found that my poetry can often work hand in hand with my photography. Sometimes words are not quite enough and images help tell what a poem by itself cannot. Then there are other times when an image alone must be accompanied by words, to really be felt.

Together they give me the best chance at stirring emotion, telling a story, or expressing a thought. I call this Poetography.

Although I've not always thought of myself as an "Artist", I feel like it's time to actually start sharing my "Art", after all, art is simply "the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination".

There are many new projects I am working on, and I look forward to sharing these with you all soon. In the meantime, I have included below my most recent poem (in spoken word). I hope you enjoy it.


Isolation - An Original Poem by Dan Gardner


Over the last 5 months the world has experienced a time that has been completely unprecedented in modern life. It has shaken the world in so many ways and forced us to adapt to a very "new normal". During these months we have all experienced our own version of this situation, our own story of events.. and this poem is part of mine. Especially between March & June this year I felt inspired to write down words and attempt to express and describe my own personal experience of this strange time that we have all lived through. I hope this poem in spoken word, can be understood and related to on some level.

Thanks for reading.

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Hope to see you back here soon!