• Dan Gardner

Once Upon A Time In Medway

"Once Upon A Time In Medway" is a photo project documenting the area in which I have lived my entire life.

My parents moved to Strood when they got married in 1985. Soon after that they started a family and raised my 2 brothers and I here in Medway. Growing up, my relationship with and view of the Medway Towns has been a little up and down to be honest. At times I just wanted to move far away from here, leaving it all behind me. I suppose it's not always been a place I've thought too fondly of...

But over the last 3 years especially, as my love for street & documentary photography grew, so did my love for Medway. Being out on the streets, watching people closer, walking from town to town and really observing my surroundings, I started to look at things differently. I began to form a more intimate connection to this place that I've called home for the past 30 years.

In this project I hope to reflect through my images the diverse character, close community and evolving environments that make Medway what it is! Capturing scraps of untold stories inside the ordinary lives, forgotten spaces and old landscapes, whilst finding pockets of beauty within the deprivation that lingers.

After living in Medway for over 30 years, I hopes to paint an honest and heartfelt picture of it, an endearing photographic record.

Here a few photographs from the project so far:

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