Norway!.. Just Go There!

So I was going to write a detailed blog on Norway and the Trolltunga Hike that we did!.. But then I thought to myself - that would take a really long time and I can't be bothered right now! Also, it was 2 years ago that we went to Norway, so my memory on how we went about planning everything is a little hazy!

So instead of giving you an incompetent guide on a very small part of what Norway has to offer, I thought I'd simply share a few photos with you from our trip, along with a brief outline of what we did in Norway in case you're interested in doing a similar sort of trip. Hopefully that will be enough to INSPIRE you to visit ASAP!

If you do have any specific questions regarding Norway or in particular the Trolltunga Hike, please feel free to drop us an email. Thanks guys! Enjoy..

P.S. - there's a little video at the end..

What We Did in Norway!

Our trip to Norway began with a flight from London to Bergen. From Bergen we travelled to Tysedaal, where we stayed in preparation for the Trolltunga Hike the following day. Starting the hike at 7.30am, it took us 10 hours to complete (including a 1.5 hour rest at the top). It was an unforgiving yet awe-inspiring hike, full of incredible sights and moments you can literally never forget!

*I made a 60 second video of GoPro body-cam footage from the hike. You can watch this at the bottom of the page.

The day after the hike we then travelled back to Bergen. Bergen is a great city to explore. It's not so big that you need to always get public transport to get around! We pretty much walked everywhere and there's enough to keep you occupied for a few days for sure! Bryggen is a cool place to spend an evening and I'd definitely recommend hopping on the cable-car up to Mount Fløyen for the views over the city.

Whilst staying in Bergen we also did what they call the "Norway in a Nutshell" tour. The tour route is pretty simple. You get a train from Bergen to Myrdal. Then from Myrdal you get the scenic railway down to Flåm (which stops off at the Kjosfoseen waterfall on the way). When you reach Flåm (after exploring the village) you get a ferry that goes along the Aurlandsfjord, through part of the Nærøyfjord and finally stopping at Gudvangen. From Gudvangen you get off the ferry and get on a bus to Voss train station. And then finally from Voss you get the train back to Bergen. I know it sounds long and maybe a little complicated, but it really isn't. There are tour companies that offer this as a package all 'pre-booked' for you, but they charge nearly double the cost compared to booking it separately and you have less flexibility when using a tour company. We booked each transport separately and saved a lot of money. It wasn't that hard, so I'd suggest doing the same.

I would 100% recommend doing the 'Norway in a Nutshell' route though, it was an amazing day out seeing so much nature and beautiful scenery. *Another little tip - make sure you book the electric ferry from Flåm to Gudvangen and not the regular one. The electric one is smooth and silent which it a must when floating down the beautiful fjords of Norway.

Hope you've been INSPIRED to visit Norway ASAP!

Here's that 60 second video from the Trolltunga Hike:

Thanks for reading.