Isle of Wight, England

The Isle of Wight is another place close to our hearts. As a child, Isle of Wight was the cheap alternative to a package holiday in Spain for my family, and of course much closer to home too. It would be my Mum, Dad, my two brothers, my grandparents and their two dogs (Ron & Georgie). We'd all stay in the same old cottage each time we went, not far from Godshill, which had a huge country garden. Those years are some of my most cherished childhood memories.

*Photo from 1999 on the back wall in our cottage. That's me in the black tiger t-shirt with my Dad, my two brothers and my Grandma & Grandad.

Strangely enough Lois had very similar childhood memories, visiting the Isle of Wight with her family for a number of years and going to the same places that I used to. Maybe she was that annoying little girl who kicked me in the shin when I was lost in the bush maze at Blackgang Chine back in 99! I guess I'll never know.

Going back to the Isle of Wight with Lois 20 years later was a surreal experience, especially when going back to visit Blackgang Chine, a mini Theme Park first built in 1843. It was my favourite place in the universe as a little boy!

The Isle of Wight is a really beautiful place with lots to see and explore. Great for walks, beaches, nature parks and a variety of activities for all the family. Here are some photos from our trip back to Isle of Wight along with some recommendations as usual...


Freshwater Bay:

The Needles Landmark Attraction:

Cliffs above Watcombe Bay:

Blackgang Chine:



Places to see: Freshwater Bay, The Needles, Shanklin Chine, Shanklin seafront, Ventnor, Robin Hill.

Places to eat: A favourite spot for us was The Spyglass Inn. Good food, good service and overlooking Ventnor Bay.

Things to do: Catch the chairlift down the cliffs to the beach at The Needles Landmark Attraction. Go for a walk from Freshwater Bay up the hills above Watcombe Bay (and see if you can make it along as far as to see The Needles). Do some shopping in Ryde or Shanklin town. Go to Blackgang Chine and be a child again.

Thanks for reading.