• Dan Gardner

If We Could Fly

This project was inspired by my dream of being able to fly. To simply capture the incredible beauty of this planet from above, one location at a time. To study those scenes taken from the sky and imagine the feeling, "if we could fly". Living a part of that freely felt dream through photographs.. Photographs of a dream.

Ever since I was a little boy I've wanted to fly. It's all I would ever think about as a child. Just imagining how life would be if I could actually fly. If I could float above the world, glide through the clouds, going anywhere I wanted on earth and just savour every moment of it.

For me, even today, to be able to fly is just the ultimate dream. To be able to see the world from above, to observe the movements of people, of nature and of life. It's an incredible thought. To see everything from that perspective and appreciate the true beauty of creation that much more...

As I really started to become more passionate about making photos I learnt that there were such things as drones that you can use in photography. Fairly soon after that I purchased one.

At that time, I began this ongoing project entitled "If We Could Fly" as I began building a body of work using the drone as my photo-making tool. And every time I fly the drone and get to see that view from above, I just imagine it's me up there, and that gives me some joy.

The photos I make mean a lot to me. They represent the dream, they show me how beautiful it is to look down from the sky, they give us a glimpse of what it would feel like... if we could fly.

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