Greek Islands

Sun, sand & swimming pools aren't all that the Greek Islands have to offer. The ancient history of Greek civilisation and their culture is something that has inspired and shaped the world we live in today. To be able to visit these beautiful islands and see some of the ancient ruins and architecture is a real eye opener. It provides a real insight into what the way life would have been like in the early days of Greece.

What inspired me was not only the historic aspects of these beautiful islands, but the people living their today. They generally live such simplistic lives. Not over complicated or filled with stress, but just doing enough to provide themselves with food and shelter, living gratefully and happy as a family should. I suppose it just seemed so different from the typical fast-paced way of life that I see surrounding me back home. It gave us a reminder to not over complicate our own lives and to try and live with more appreciation day to day, in the moment, rather than always thinking ahead to the next "thing" which is an easy mind-trap to fall into nowadays.

I'd always recommend a trip to any Greek Island, we've loved every one we've been to so far!.. So if you do go, be sure to enjoy the history, the food, the beautiful scenery, and take a lesson from the people who live life simple and with a smile.

Here are a few photos from our trips to 3 different Greek Islands - Rhodes, Kos & Corfu.

Rhodes Island

The Baths of Kalithea:

Lindos Town:

Rhodes Town:

Kos Island

Paradise Beach:

Kos Town:

The Tree of Hippocrates:

Corfu Island

Old Corfu Town:


No matter where we go in the world, there is just something about the Greek Islands that draw us back to them. Maybe it's the simple, satisfying and beautiful memories we have made with our family on those Islands that fuel the desire to return... or maybe it's just those gorgeous pork Gyros' smothered with tzatziki that's doing it!

Thanks for reading.