• Dan Gardner


The first time that I actually remember making "street" photographs was in April 2019, whilst I was travelling in Bali, Indonesia. I suppose it was partly that curiosity you get as a photographer in being somewhere different, that encouraged this new area of photography for me, as I was watching and searching for something that interested me. I remember feeling more aware of my surroundings than usual, and strangely obsessed with the movements of people.

Whatever it was exactly that ignited my love for street photography, it continued to develop at a fast pace, and by the end of that year I was completely obsessed with it. The way I began to see things quickly brought a whole new energy to my photography, a new way of observing, of searching and of making photographs came alive.

From someone who had mostly enjoyed quietly shooting landscapes and documenting personal aspects of life up until then, this new genre, this new direction, it just seemed to change the way I was seeing everything! I became so much more observant, constantly watching everything happening around me. I began seeing more beauty in ordinary things and felt more present, more connected in those mundane, 'everyday' kind of moments. A walk down a busy high street would feel like hundreds of little overlapping stories, little fleeting fragments of life, constantly unfolding, each unique and untold, breaking like waves of time over my eyes. There and gone, never to be repeated. It was exciting.

So from that time I decided to start a project for myself. A photo project to simply search for little stories, satisfying scenes or fleeting fragments of life on the streets. Moments that spoke to me in some way. This project that I called "Fleeting", has no tight narrative, theme or conceptual framework, but is simply a project to consolidate my street photography work, whilst following my love of storytelling through this genre. Whether from the streets of London, Paris or New York, my objective remains unchanged, as I eagerly capture the unknown lives, unrepeated movements and authentic scenes that the streets provide. Seeking out those undefined incidents and random encounters, taking away snippets of stories, emotions and moments that give an honest, unfiltered feel of "the streets", unique to each location, culture & time period.

Why I Love Street Photography:

To me Street Photography is a freedom, an excitement, a stimulating search for the fleeting moments that only you will see in that exact way. It is totally unique. The same photograph can never be made twice. You have the ongoing opportunity to find what speaks to you in that moment, from the ever-changing movements and unfolding stories that present themselves. You cannot control what will happen next, each corner you turn is the unknown, and you are a part of that, yet separated by your task from this dance of life.

I love how you can consistently ride on the sense that something is happening and you are in the moment with it, freezing frames of time with your camera. And each time you do, you are stopping those little moments from disappearing completely, you have preserved them in your own way, and that is a beautiful thing to do. It is a great privilege, and doing this has taught me to really, REALLY see things, to observe and notice the most minute details. That in turn gives me meaningful knowledge as an artist, it gives me a present and mindful state in which I can use to create something honest and real.

To conclude, I'd like to quote the words of Alex Webb, whilst speaking about street photography...

“I only know how to approach a place by walking. For what does a street photographer do but walk and watch and wait and talk, and then watch and wait some more, trying to remain confident that the unexpected, the unknown, or the secret heart of the known awaits just around the corner.” – Alex Webb

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Thanks for reading.

- Dan