• Dan Gardner


In March 2020 when Covid-19 hit the UK, it felt like everything stopped, everything changed, everything was on hold and uncertain.. it all seemed to happen so quickly and life came to a halt as the situation seemed to get worse each week. But amongst the madness, I continued making photos from home and eventually on daily walks and local outings, documenting life, as I always do. Nothing had to change that.

It wasn't until around July time that I started looking at the images I'd made and realised what they really meant to me.. and the significance of them. At that time I decided to make a project out of what I was already doing. A photo project simply documenting life during the Covid-19 pandemic.

It would become a collection of images that express and illustrate the thoughts and emotions experienced, the struggles, the changes, the new way of life that we were forced to adapt to. My aim was to not only document significant scenes that indicated the unprecedented time in which we were living, but also moments that represented a deeper meaning to how we were all feeling inside at times.

I hope the images from this project, that I have called "Distance", can be related to and be felt in some way. Distance is the feeling that best describes the time period between March 2020 and July 2021 for me personally, and more than in just a literal sense. Maybe that's true for you too?

Along with the images I made in this project, I also wrote a poem to further express the emotions experienced in the early stages of the pandemic. The poem is called "Isolation" and I've included a video at the end of this article which plays in spoken word.

First though, here are just a few images from my photo project Distance.

Here is my poem "Isolation" in spoken word:

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Thanks for reading.

- Dan.