• Dan Gardner



In July last year I decided to create a hashtag on Instagram for other photographers to use on their posts, in order to share their work with me and anyone else who uses and follows the hashtag. It's purpose was to bring together a COMMUNITY of people who share a passion for photography.

I then started to post a series of STORY features of all my favourite photos that had used the hashtag (from that month). I share these "Episodes" (features) on the LAST SUNDAY OF EACH MONTH to my account @bydangardner. The most recent STORY features are then saved to a HIGHLIGHT and can be enjoyed by everybody!

Since the start I've received a fantastic response from so many photographers and currently have over 5 thousand photos shared with he hashtag #DansSundayShooters

It's important to remember that the hashtag represents a community of people who share a passion for photography! It's not just about features - it's about sharing our work, communicating & learning from each other and growing together in this craft.

If you haven't already then I'd love for you to get involved! All you need to do to be considered for a feature on an Episode of Dan's Sunday Shooters is:

1) Follow @bydangardner on Instagram

2) Use the hashtag #danssundayshooters on your posts

and that's it.

#DansSundayShooters provides a platform for photographers to showcase their work, as well as a place to discover photographers, learn new skills, enjoy visual storytelling and find fresh inspiration.

Check out the hashtag here #DansSundayShooters

Thanks for reading!