• Dan Gardner

52 Weeks

Around December 2019 I started shooting on film more. I got myself an old vintage Yashica Electro 35 Rangefinder camera off of eBay, along with some kodak film, and started to see what I could make.

The process of shooting film slowed down my whole approach to photography, which was something that I enjoyed. It made me really think more about each shot, and when going out on photo walks I would make less photos, but the photos I did make then meant a lot more to me.

In January 2020 I decided I wanted to start a project using only film to help me continue the practice. So I decided I'd start a project (that I'd already had in mind) to loosely document the 30th year of my life by taking one photo (on film) each week for a year. A single photo, each week, to find something significant, consistent, or completely random. Whether it is a joyous, sad or spontaneous moment captured. I wanted to try and give an honest reflection of life's moments in pictures. Unfiltered and real.

So in February 2020, when I turned 29, I began my "52 Weeks" project. I was excited for it. I thought to myself that in years to come it would be a nice personal project to look back on and see something from each week of that year.

About 6 weeks after the project began, Covid-19 hit the UK.

The project that I anticipated to be a random selection of photos taken weekly, throughout a fairly normal, fairly standard year of my life, turned out to be a year that nobody would ever forget! And I think in a way that makes the project now more relatable to people, as you can see the subtle changes in "normal" everyday life through these images, creating a personal documentary of a year spent in the thick of a global pandemic.

This project was purely a personal one though. I never planned to share it with anyone but myself and maybe friends and family. It's not something that I'll ever publish, but it's definitely a project that's taught me a thing or two.

Here are a few photographs from the project.

Photos made between w/c 10th Feb 2020 and w/c 8th Feb 2021.

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