Explore England!

I've lived in England all my life, but it's only in my adulthood that I've really started to appreciate the beauty of this country. Over the past few years Lois and I have explored various parts of England as we have become more passionate about photography. In this article I will share 10 of our favourite places in England at the moment, for travel or photography inspiration.

Hope you enjoy it!


1) The Cotswolds

One of my favourite places for a winter weekend getaway! Characterful towns and beautiful country walks!

2) Isle of Wight

Isle of Wight is a beautiful place! Amazing landscapes, nice little towns, fantastic beaches and Blackgang Chine! You can read the full article I wrote about Isle of Wight by clicking here.

3) Dorset

One of my favourite places in England for sure! The beautiful Jurassic Coast, with the likes of Durdle Door, Lulworth Cover and Old Harry Rocks to explore. Incredible landscapes, beaches and dreamy coastal walks. There is so much to see! You can watch a video I made from a trip to Swanage, Dorset by clicking here.

4) The New Forest

Full of woodlands, countryside and wildlife. Plenty to explore!

5) Cornwall

Home to wild moorlands, sandy beaches, picturesque harbour villages, towering cliffs and incredible coastlines. Cornwall has so much to offer and so much to explore! You can read the full article I wrote about Cornwall by clicking here.

6) Kent

Kent is where I've lived and grown up my whole life. There are so many beautiful places to see within this county, so I've included several places I'd recommend exploring below.



Cobham Woods:

High Rocks:


Elmley Nature Reserve, Isle of Sheppey:

Hothfield Common:

7) Beachy Head

Probably my favourite place in England for coastal walks. From Seven Sisters to Beachy Head and the Lighthouse - there's nothing quite like it! Rolling hills and jig-saw shaped cliffs - a beautiful way to spend the day!

8) Lake District

Hands down, my favourite place in England. It has a special place in my heart and I will never grow tired of visiting the Lakes. You can read the full article I wrote about The Lake District by clicking here.

9) White Cliffs of Dover

Another beautiful place for a coastal walk. With rolling hills, wild ponies and a cool Lighthouse at the end of the trial, with a nice little cafe. The White Cliffs of Dover are actually in Kent (which I know was no.6), but I felt this place deserved it's own mention! As does no.10...

10) Knole Park

Also in Kent, but deserving of it's own individual mention. Knole Park is where you go if you love Deer. There are quite a few of them.. and by 'quite a few' I mean there are approximately 350 of them roaming around. They are so beautiful to watch. It's a really peaceful place to walk through and just take some time to appreciate the beautiful in creation.


I've enjoyed exploring and taking photos in all 10 of these beautiful locations! I hope you can too!

Thanks for reading.